Wednesday, February 15, 2006

iPLod Cam

I'm testing out a small webcam from Creative as a possible way to keep our teams together over long distances - we're getting a lot of opportunities far from home, and haveing the ability to communicate, face to face, after a fashion seems important. Its cheaper to do now with so many hotels equipped with high speed internet and the cameras and software are virturally free. Combine that with a service like Skype, and you're talking video conferencing for nuthin'.

I've got the webcam hooked up for testing - its pointing at my iPLod treadmill desk at the office for now - have a look..... I might be writing on this blog as you watch.


Blogger JayofBoulder said...

Hey Tom,
I can't find your email address anywhere to ask your permission. Is it OK if I copy your photo to a blog I'm making about Walking Desks?

Jay Buster
Walking Desk

4:06 PM  
Blogger JoeH said...

Hi Tom,
There are no recent posts on the subject I am wonder how it is going? I have started a treadmill desk at my workplace and like you, have started blogging on it.

Joe Hoover

2:43 AM  

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